The Arts Olympiad


Developing a visual identity for the project.

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Combining the elements of classical art history with the contemporary language of communication to target the young audience involved in the project.

Our works:
We’ve created the logotype and print collateral for the Association and the Olympiad. For the last three years, we have been designing posters and informational materials to accompany the subsequent editions of the Olympiad.

Association of the Arts Olympiad’s Friends
The Arts Olympiad is an interdisciplinary educational project aimed at students of both secondary schools of general education and secondary schools of music and arts. It combines expertise in such areas as: the history and theory of art and music, general history and the history of Poland, general history of world culture, the history of literature and manners. Participants are required to also demonstrate their knowledge of artistic high culture.

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Wojciech Staniewski
Maciej Bączkowski