Primus Inter Pares Exhibition

Identity, Prints

Our task was to design the components of the visual identity and print collateral for a major Wilanów Museum exhibition.

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Our idea was to link the baroque style of the Wilanów Palace Museum with the modern set up of the exhibition. The logotype has been built around a synthesised image of King Jan III Sobieski. We also used a typography inspired by King Jan’s handwriting.

Our work:
The logotype, choice of colours and typeface, design of pictograms and print collateral (i.e. invitations, the exhibition guide, educational materials, outdoor advertising, BTL gadgets).

Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów

We are proud of having been a part of this complex and fascinating project.

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Graphic design:
Wojciech Staniewski i Karolina Mazurkiewicz

Photographs documenting the exhibition:
Wojciech Holnicki

Animations and videos accompanying the exhibition:
Marcin Mastykarz / Artyści Nowych Mediów

Exhibition set design:
Anna Nowak / Studio Architektury Wnętrz

Exhibition curators:
Marta Gołąbek and Konrad Pyzel