Pracownia Miejska

Identity, Webdesign

Creating the visual identity of Pracownia Miejska (Urban Workshop) – a place open to people and their needs, where everyone can obtain support they require, and where creativity thrives while all that seemed knotty and complicated becomes simple and clear.

PM tangram logo wiz2

We’ve decided to match the functional values presented by the client with fitting emotional and visual values. Such values as support or trust have been demonstrated through the use of warm, joyful and uplifting colours. Development and creativity are presented through simple geometrical shapes which can be combined to make various forms. To underline the importance of community and the initiative’s local character we’ve used the photos of persons benefitting from the help offered by Pracownia Miejska – they are the true driving power behind this venture. The inspiration behind the logo and the related icons comes from the Chinese geometrical puzzle called ‘tangram’.

Our work:
Strategic research, logo, key visual, website, business cards.

Pracownia Miejska is a new Konin-based venture aimed at helping the unemployed from post-industrial cities in creating, developing and managing their own business projects.

ENVIR 06 PM poster1

ENVIR 06 PM poster2

PM poster3

PM materiay wizka2

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Wojciech Staniewski

Aleksandra Naborczyk-Staniewska