Museum Management Academy


Updating the look of a series of academic books dedicated to restoring and preserving historical sites and monuments.

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Designing a coherent, eye-catching and highly legible graphic form for the entire series.

Our work:
We’ve created a completely refreshed design of the vignettes and layout for the series. The series includes the following titles: Kazimierz restored – its monuments and cultural landscape, Alois Riegl, Georg Dehio and the Cult of Historical Monuments, About Wawel and The Historical Monument and History.

The Museum Management Academy was a complex project run by the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów. Its main purpose was to provide additional training for persons working in the museum sector, drawing from the latest project management strategies.

Our design won the main award in the 2013 VISIBLE MUSEUM Competition, in the books and multimedia category.

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