Law Firm of Karolina Wojciechowska

Identity, Webdesign

The firm’s owners wished to have a corporate identity that would correspond with their approach to legal services and the values they hold. We were faced with a task to create a project signalling reliability, expertise and honesty, without making it too formal though. The firm’s employees are well aware that their clients expect legal services of the highest standard.

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We’ve designed a corporate identity that is based on two main elements: typography and the colour scheme. The logo incorporates a modern font of classic appeal. We’ve abandoned the stiff, pompous and rather uninviting image adopted by most law firms, by introducing warm and contrasting colours.

Our work:
We’ve prepared a classic and elegant stationery design with the use of the highest quality materials – printed with selected Pantone® (PMS) colours on Munken Polar paper from the Swedish factory ‘Arctic Paper’.

The Law Firm of Karolina Wojciechowska specialises in law, administrative proceedings and court administrative proceedings, legal aspects of construction investment projects, real estate and environmental protection law.

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Aleksandra Naborczyk-Staniewska

Art direction:
Wojciech Staniewski

Dominik Robak